Residential or commercial, indoors or out, our beautiful aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl columns add traditional elegance to any architectural design.

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Aluminum Columns
Round Fluted

Colors-Columns-Aluminum-Round-Fluted-cRound aluminum columns are available in fluted load-bearing capable designs and fluted non-load bearing wrap-around columns with four different caps and two base styles. A baked-on enamel finish ensures years of maintenance-free beauty.


Square Fluted

Colors-Columns-Aluminum-Square-FlutedSquare fluted aluminum columns from Superior provide the warm look of wood or other natural materials with the maintenance-free advantages of aluminum. The baked-on enamel finish provides lasting maintenance-free beauty.


Square Smooth

Colors-Columns-Aluminum-Square-SmoothAchieve the look of wood without the maintenance with square aluminum columns. The load-bearing designs are ideal for any application, indoors or out and the baked-on enamel ensures a lasting finish.


Square Panel

Colors-Columns-Aluminum-Square-PanelThe raised panel design of square panel aluminum columns nicely complements panel style shutters, stone style cladding and Cedar Impressions siding. The panel design can also serve as an excellent lamppost or support for display signs.


Fiberglass Columns
Columns-Fiberglass-Round-Fluted-bRound Smooth or Fluted

Round fiberglass columns are available in either smooth or fluted (pictured right) designs. Choose from five elegant column cap styles to emphasize the graceful tapered design of round smooth fiberglass columns. Manufactured from high density, highly advanced fiberglass polymers, they are extremely impact resistant and when combined with a quality latex paint in outdoor installations, virtually maintenance-free.


Square Smooth

Smooth fiberglass square columns are classic in every sense of the word. High-density advanced fiberglass polymers make the column extremely impact resistant. Once painted with a high-quality latex paint, the column is virtually impervious to severe long-term weathering.


Vinyl Columns

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